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Home » Publications » Article: The features of transistor voltage inverter with reconciling ways of regulating power in series load resonant circuit
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Особенности работы транзисторного инвертора напряжения с совмещением способов регулирования мощности в последовательном нагрузочном резонансном контуре

Authors: Yurchenko M., Shevchenko P., Gucalyuk V., Slesarevskiy I., Tverdokhlib U., Senko V.

Pages: 44-45 pages.

Name of the magazine: Техн. електродинаміка. Тем. випуск "Силова електроніка та енергоефективність"

Number of the magazine: Ч.3

Year of the publication: 2003 year.


         The case of unideal tuning of inverter frequency on resonant frequency of series circuit was considered. In this case at power regulation was suggested to change appropriately inverter effective frequency by method of pulsewidth modulation.


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